Summary of Learning

Hello all!

I had such a great semester with you all in EC&I 834! I learnt so much about blended learning, new tools to use in my classroom, and probably made one of the best courses for my class. I am so excited to use my course prototype in my classroom!

Thank you for all your help, guidance, and knowledge.

Now, for the moment you are all… reading for…

My Summary of Learning for EC&I 834


4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Great summary Amy! I loved looking through your course and evaluating it and I think you did a fantastic job getting students more engaged in their learning! Your video was entertaining and a perfect summary of what this course is all about. Wevideo looks awesome!! Good for you for getting your summary of learning to blend together so well! It’s been awesome working with you this semester and good luck in the future:)


  2. Nice use of Wevideo Amy! It really can do so much.
    I’m also a fan of the way you sprinkle movie clips in there.

    I agree with the similarities you draw between the blended learning we have taken and traditional fact-to-face classrooms. Technology certainly has come quite along way in being able to mitigate disadvantages once posed by distance.


  3. Good job Amy! I haven’t used WeVideo yet, but might attempt using it to finalize my video as well! I agree that one of my favourite parts of the course was the breakout sessions where we got to connect with our classmates and have the F2F feel in the online course. I agree that Alec did a really great job at teaching us ways to transform our online teaching to allow for connectivism in online classes.


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