“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”- Bill Gates

Getting feedback from my peers always make me nervous, but overall everything went well but I have a couple of things to consider!

First of all, I was one of the people affected by the Regina Public School’s privacy policy. On every feedback form I received, they mentioned how they could not access the course. At first I was really frustrated with the lack of responses and help from my tech department, but I know that Google Classroom is the best option for my class. My students know how to use it and it is easy for me to use.

I was forced to send links via email to everyone so they could open and view my materials. For most of my resources this worked fine, but because my EdPuzzle was connected to my classroom they could not view the assignment. I will need to go back and see if there is a way to get a code, or make it public so everyone can access it. Because they could not get into my Google Classroom, they also could not view my course shell. This is something I didn’t even think about. If I could go back, I would attach pictures of my course shell. Due to the privacy policy of my division, I thought about switching platforms, but as I stated above, it is an easy tool for me to use.

I appreciated that everyone said my module was easy to use, and was organized. I try my best to make things easy for students, so they can feel at ease going into my assignments. One of my feedbackers mentioned that it was easier to use than some of the paper copies that they have seen on the desks of their colleagues. I really appreciate this because I think Sask. Youth Apprenticeship is so important and I want students to finish it in order to gain the benefits of the program.


For one of my assignments, Research a Trade, a feebacker mentioned that I should use a 4 point rubric instead of marks out of ten. They explain that “students seem to appreciate that they understand more of the criteria it takes to get a higher grade in a certain category, instead of something just being worth 10 marks, and not knowing how to get there.”  I think this is a great point and I will be incorporating one in order to make my assessment stronger and more beneficial for my students.

For my next part, I attempt to finish Level two and three of SYA. One of my feebackers even provided me with a quiz for the terminology challenge. They provided study notes and a quiz.  which I really appreciate (thank you!)

Overall I received some constructive criticism and some helpful resources. I plan to take this feedback and implement it into my module. I need to ensure that it is the best for students and adding in ideas from my PLC is only beneficial!




5 thoughts on ““We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”- Bill Gates

  1. I could see how that would be frustrating. I was reviewing a online course from RPS and am not an RPS member and I couldn’t access the online course either (the feeling was mutual). Sounds like you are on the right track with your online course and the changes you make will help you and your students!


  2. This sounds great Amy! I also love Google Classroom so I understand why you would want to stick with it! My students can navigate it easily and understand where everything is. It would be a pain to try and change it now. And realistically, although it made things more difficult for this particular assignment, but it is ultimately for your students benefit and I think this course is tremendously beneficial for your students!


  3. Plus, this is likely the only time anyone outside of Regina Public will view our content!
    I like your Bill Gates quote… I wonder if he was talking about Steve Jobs… 🙂

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  4. The good news is that the next submission also includes a screencast course walkthrough, so the easy-to-navigate features of Google Classroom can be put on display.

    I enjoyed going through your material, a good set of resources for a (from what I see) under-accessed program.


  5. One way around using Google Classroom and have issues to access is to use a gmail account rather than our RBE, then anyone can enter the code. As far as your rubrics go, in elementary we have to do 1-4 for our outcomes. Do you have a regular format that you see in high schools usually? Or does it vary teacher to teacher?


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